“Provide an exceptional club experience where the enjoyment of our members and guests is our highest priority.”
Sugar Mill Country Club will be the most desirable, respected, fiscally sound, private country club in our market area.
We will create a “Sugar Mill Experience” by providing an exceptional golf, sports, wellness, dining, and event experience.
We will continually seek to improve our services and facilities.
We are committed to providing all club employees with a safe and stable work environment.
We will continue to focus our efforts on retaining existing members and attracting new members who share our values and desire a private club experience.
Core Values
Integrity:  We will be honest in word and deed, and act in the best interest of our membership, employees, our conscience, and within the law.
Respect:  We will be conscious of the impact that our words, decisions, and actions have on our membership and employees, and we will promote dignity, consideration, and fairness throughout the Club.
Stewardship:  We will manage our financial, human, and natural resources responsibly, and be legally and ethically compliant in all of our business processes.
Transparency: We will openly collaborate and communicate with our membership and employees.
Excellence:  We will continuously improve upon the “Sugar Mill Experience” and offer the absolute best golf, sports, and dining amenities in our market area, and strive to provide the best service possible.